Creativity in two minds, poesis and aesthetics: our writing assistant

In recent years, a plethora of new powerful artificial intelligence algorithms have made huge strides in improving the quality of text generation. In the Language Team at Sony CSL, we are interested in how this technology can play a role as a creative collaborator in writing processes.

We can view our writing process as the interplay between two minds: the aesthetic judge, rooted in the deep intuitive world of human perception, and the poiesthetic mind, the point of genesis for creativity.

Writing Assistant

We explore the use of artificial intelligence as a poiesthetic writing companion, providing a wellspring of inspiration. Through the interplay between poiesthetic inspiration and aesthetic taste, arbitrarily large and complex creative endeavours can be undertaken and realised.

To this end, we are bringing our poeisthetic writing assistant to our Open House at the Maker Faire, where you will be able to test our writing assistant in an unconstrained writing context and also have the opportunity to take part in an experiment to help understand how people and AI can create together.

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