The City of Future: re-designed from a Smart City perspective

October 8, 2021 16:30

Matteo Gattola, founder and CTO di Envision, will give us an interesting perspective about smart cities.

The challenges we are facing today reveal a growing demand for rebuilding our cities with a citizen-centric approach, to support the people’ life that reside there: a new resilient urban strategies (preparedness, response, mitigation, return to daily life).

A resilient city is prepared to absorb and recover from any shock or stress while maintaining its essential functions, structures, and identity. Future cities will be resilient, inclusive, ‘smarter’ and more sustainable.

Technology can support our cities to transform it. Smart cities should make our lives easier by utilizing new generations of technology, artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

To make our cities more fit for the future, we must support the expansion of digital infrastructure as an absolute necessity, independent of the corona crisis: nevertheless, the pandemic has provided a catalyst for infrastructure investments overall, as stimulus packages have been rolled out around the world.

Rome: smart city trial project in Rome using intelligent vision sensors to reduce traffic, optimize public transportation and support pedestrian safety

The interview will be streamed here from 16.30 till 16.50.