The digital transformation of cities: the Public Private Partnership (PPP) and new business models

October 8, 2021 17:10

Matteo Gattola, founder and CTO of Envision will talk about the digital transformation of cities exploring how the Public Private Partnership could create new business models in order to shape the cities of the future.

Citizens engage with smart city ecosystems in various ways using smartphones and mobile devices, connected cars, smart homes and so on.

With help from the IoT, communities can improve energy distribution, streamline trash/waste collection, decrease traffic congestion, improve air quality. However, a key enabler of sustainable smart cities is that all participants in the complex ecosystem share information and combine it with contextual data, analyzed in real-time.

Infrastructure policy should be based on data. Smart cities require infrastructure modernization—a high price-tag proposition that can be daunting for any city.

The Public Private Partnership – PPP’s have a role to play in making urban infrastructures smart and it is essential to address the right business model to develop the future city.

The interview will be streamed here from 17.10 till 17.30.